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Session on Development Studies and Knowledge Production at World Social Science Forum

Image by Pexels.

Global Development Network presented ‘Development Studies and Knowledge Production – Which Way? In Search of a Transdisciplinary and Transformative (Research) Agenda on Equality,' in a panel organized by the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes, at the World Social Science Forum 2018 held from 25-28 September in Fukuoka, Japan.

The Forum, with a theme of ‘Security and Equality for a Sustainable Future’, held a four-day discussion on how current concerns about security relate to equality and sustainability while discussing the interplays of security with health, gender, globalization, urban-rural inclusion, and democracy.

The presentation focused on the practical challenges of including policy stakeholders in the definition of research projects, the role of research donors, and the importance of mediators and negotiators. GDN advocates that a more inclusive approach to knowledge production is critical in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The session paper discussed the strategic and operational choices faced by organizations interested in knowledge co-creation, whilst addressing the questions:

  • What is the role of Development Studies in building transformative pathways towards equality and a sustainable future for all?
  • How can we build structures for co-creation and co-production of knowledge that involve all stakeholders – in North and South, research, practice, civil society? How can foundations be laid to ensure collaborative knowledge building?
  • Can we move from a “North-South” model to a “universality” model of understanding and producing transformative agendas?

For more information, please contact Francesco Obino on fobino@gdn.int.

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