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Research Wowman - artwork and how to use her

Research Wowman has been selected to become the Global Development Network’s mascot in its 20th year. Research Wowman fights for a world that is better informed through scientific evidence, and to inspire sustainable development and policy. Research Wowman will also be the mascot for GDN’s Global Development Conference in Bonn, focused on ‘Knowledge for Sustainable Development: The Research-Policy Nexus.’

Research Wowman fights any form of discrimination, and can be personified as any gender. She wants to see more Southern researchers on the global stage, more women in research, more collaborative projects, as well as more policymakers using research to carve out a secure future for the world’s citizens. Her eyes are magnifying glasses, and she is reading the Book of Knowledge. As you can see, she is not afraid to take action either – she is climbing steadily up the slope of progress. 

GDN is happy for Research Wowman to be used by others in the research-policy space, who seek justice for humanity and the planet through their work, often in difficult circumstances, to unite social science researchers across disciplines, and around the developing world. If you credit and backlink to GDN, you can download complete artwork for Research Wowman for free, from GDN’s website,

Download the guidelines | Download the artwork.