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Suburbanization and Inequality in Transport Mobility in Yaoundé, Cameroon: Drawing Public Policy for African Cities

This study sets to explore the nature of inequality in mobility in the metropolitan region of Yaoundé city in Cameroon, using data from the urban displacement plan. 

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Proposals for Methodology for the Production of an Inventory of National Natural Resources: Establishment of Ecosystem Accounting in the Boeny Region

This study makes an assessment of the water situation through the lens of water accounts; an analysis of water trends, economic value and future water shortages with due consideration of climate change impacts, in Mauritius.

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Contribution to the Sustainable Management of Coastal Tourism in Morocco through the Evaluation of the Cost of Degrading Services Littoral Ecosystems - Tetouan Coast

This study attempts to assess the cost of degradation of some of the ecosystem services provided by the beaches and dunes of the Tetouan coast in Morocco, in order to contribute to a better appreciation of the economic value of the coastal area.    

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Access to Water, Time Allocation and Income in Rural India

This paper provides a consistent link between political reservations for women and other groups 

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Governance And Economic Accounting Issues in The Mauritian Water Sector: Toward Sustainable Management of a Natural Resource

 This study applies a water-accounting system, analyzes water governance issues and makes policy recommendations for more sustainable growth and development. 

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Congestion Charge in Sao Paulo city: Likely Traffic Effects

This report aims to estimate the welfare and traffic effects of a hypothetical congestion charge in Sao Paulo.

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Location of the Poor: Neighborhood Versus Household Characteristics: The Case of Bogota

In Latin American cities there is a high correlation between the location chosen by poor households and their income level; however, it is difficult to identify to what extent they live there by choice

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Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Water Sector in the Philippines

This paper presents a brief background of the development and cost‐effectiveness of two water districts (WDs) in the Philippines.

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