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Land Reforms and Land Rights Change: An Ethnographic Case Study of Land Stressed Groups in the Nkoranza South Municipality of Ghana

Project    Medals for Research on Development 2013-14
Author   David Anaafo
Date   2014
Description   Africa has had its fair share of land reforms and Ghana the focus of this paper has since 2004 been implementing a Land Administration Programme (LAP) that seeks to stimulate economic development, reduce poverty and promote social stability by improving security of land tenure, simplifying the process for accessing land and making it fair, transparent and efficient, developing the land market and fostering prudent land management (Ghana Government, 2003, p. 3). This paper explores the extent to which the implementation of the LAP in Ghana, combined with other perennial factors such as changing inheritance rights and population growth are altering the rights to land in Ghana, using the Nkoranza South Municipality as a case study.
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