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Explaining Growth

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Research teams around the world examined the growth experiences of six regions in the developing and transition world – East Asia, South Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, Middle East and North Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa, under the four-year Global Research Project, Explaining Growth (2000-2004).

Researchers studied the complex nature of growth: its stimulants, constraints, benefits and pitfalls, by moving away from not just seeing economic growth as the ultimate measure of well being, but rather as one that also provides the opportunity to use resources well.

Research and Results

Explaining Growth in the Middle East (ed. Jeffrey B. Nugent, M. Hashem Pesaran)
Sources of Growth in Latin America: What is Missing? (ed. Eduardo Fernández-Arias, Rodolfo Manuelli, Juan S. Blyde)
The Economic Prospects of the CIS: Sources of Long Term Growth (ed. Gur Ofer, Richard W.T. Pomfret)
Explaining Growth: A Global Research Project (ed. Gary McMahon, Lyn Squire)
The South Asian Experience with Growth (ed. Isher J. Ahluwalia, John Williamson)

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To find the studies completed under this program, please go to the Research section of this website, and check back frequently for updates.