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The correct GDN logo

GDN no longer uses the old tagline, "The Research Capacity Building Program" as part of its logo lockup. Although GDN does build research capacity in least developed coutries, it also works on promoting high-quality, policy-oriented, global collaborative research, as well as putting development research to better use.

GDN's logo should be used by itself, with a clear space around it [See GDN's brand guidelines for details] Please download the correct logo files for use below.

Note that in 2019, GDN will be using its 20 year logo. If you are holding an event this year that requires the GDN logo, then please do use the 20 year logo. Publications in this year will also bear the 20 year logo.

The Correct GDN Logo

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For questions, please contact communications@gdn.int


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