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Are you a GDN researcher with a newstory?

Image: GDN

Are you a researcher supported by GDN, and do you have a media story?

Your research is particularly newsworthy if you can describe new findings, trends and statistics from your study, as well as the potential of its impact on development in your country or the rest of the world. GDN can help you get your story out to the media, and you can also do this yourself. Please contact if you would like more tips and guidance on how to approach the media. We can also help you prepare for an upcoming media interview with key messages from your research.

Meanwhile, do not forget to

a) mention that your work is supported by GDN, while speaking to the media

b) use an accurate description of GDN and its work in your writing and reports

c) refer reporters to GDN for more information as needed, especially if the questions are beyond the scope of your study, and

d) send us copies of any media stories you and your work are featured in