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Working Paper 91 | August 2023

Implication of large-scale agricultural investment on biodiversity: evidence from mixed method study of farm households in northern ghana

Working Paper 90 | April 2023

The effectiveness of support to lobby and advocacy: synthesis of evidence from Dutch MFA programme support

Working Paper 89

Knowledge Economy Gaps, Policy Syndromes and Catch-up Strategies: Fresh South Korean Lessons to Africa

Working Paper 88

Trade and Growth Nexus in South Korea: Analysis Using Vector Error Correction Model and Granger Causality Test

Working Paper 87

Resources mobilization by Self-Help approach to Rural Development Program in Vietnam: Lessons from Saemaul Undong in Korea

Working Paper 86

Lessons for ASEAN Countries Stuck in a “Middle-Income Trap” from Korea’s Economic Development & Institutions

Working Paper 84

Effect of Governance on Public Service Delivery in the Water Sector in Senegal

Working Paper 83

Effects of Governance Models on Affordability, Sustainability and Efficiency of the Water Services in Three Transition Countries (Armenia, Hungary, Romania)

Working Paper 82

Access to Water, Time Allocation and Income in Rural India

Working Paper 81

Managing Healthcare Provision and Health Outcomes through Local Governance

Working Paper 79

Varieties of Governance, Varying Outcomes

Working Paper 78

Suburbanization and Inequality in Transport Mobility in Yaoundé, Cameroon: Drawing Public Policy for African Cities

Working Paper 77

Decentralization, Fiscal Effort and Social Progress in Colombia at the Municipal Level, 1994-2009: Why Does National Politics Matter?

Working Paper 76

Urbanization Processes and Urban Morphology in the Periphery of Capitalism: São Paulo, Jakarta, Hanoi and Belo Horizonte

Working Paper 75

Land Use Regulations and Urbanization in the Developing World: Evidence from over 600 Cities

Working Paper 74

Congestion Charge in São Paulo City: Likely Traffic Effects

Working Paper 73

Location of the Poor: Neighborhood Versus Household Characteristics: The Case of Bogotá

Working Paper 72

Urban Externalities in the Small Developing Countries of Asia and Latin America: A Comparative Case Study Analysis of Squatter Settlements in Nepal (Kathmandu) and Ecuador (Quito)

Working Paper 71

Manufacturing Firms’ Performance in a Trade Liberalization Process: The Case of Uruguay