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Evaluating the Impact of Micro-Franchising the Distribution of Anti-Malarial Drugs in Kenya on Malaria Mortality and Morbidity

This study examines a Kenyan government program that increases access to effective anti-malaria drugs to the rural poor to improve malaria morbidity and mortality. 

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The Short-Term Impacts of a CCT Program for Schooling on the Sexual Behavior of Young Women

This paper aims to provide new causal evidence on the effects of a CCT program (with only school attendance used as a condition to receive the transfers) on the sexual behavior of the young female beneficiaries of the program in Malawi.

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Impact Evaluation of India’s ‘Yeshasvini’ Community-Based Health Insurance Program

This study examines evidence on the impact of being insured in India – through Yeshasvini community health financing program –on  healthcare  utilization, financial protection, treatment outcomes and economic well-being.

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Do HIV-AIDS Teacher Training Programs Work in Africa? Evidence from the Cameroon

Are teachers who have benefited from HIV-AIDS teacher training programs more likely to significantly affect the knowledge, attitudes, and behavior of their students, when compared to teachers who have not? This study assesses the impact of a typical HIV-AIDS teacher training program in Cameroon on student knowledge, attitudes and behavior.

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Evaluating the Impact of Community-Based Health Interventions: Evidence from Brazil’s Family Health Program

This paper analyzes the direct and indirect impacts of Brazil’s Family Health Program. Direct impacts are related to the effects of the program on health outcomes. Indirect impacts refer to the effects of the program, through changes in health, on household behavior related to child labor and schooling, employment of adults, and fertility.

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Impact Evaluation of a Young Medical Volunteers Project for Vietnam Rural Mountains

The study evaluates the health impacts of the volunteer intervention using quasi-experimental design and cluster analysis, and by estimating the average treatment effect on the treated using propensity score matching methods with two-stage sample data collection. 

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An Evaluation of the Ghana National Health Insurance Scheme in the Context of the Health MDGs

This study uses propensity score matching to evaluate the outcomes of the Ghanaian National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) on maternal and child health in Ghana.

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Retrospective Analysis of School-Based Malaria Treatment Programme and Impact on Health and Education Outcomes in Mangochi District, Malawi

This paper sought to evaluate the impact of the malaria treatment program in the Mangochi district, on both school and health outcomes.

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Managing Healthcare Provision and Health Outcomes through Local Governance

The study singles out factors such as the quality of healthcare providers, the impact of local governance on healthcare and health satisfaction,

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Does Health Matter for Inequality in Transition Countries: The Case of Ukraine

This study is an empirical analysis of the influence of health on income inequality and poverty in Ukraine

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