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AFD-GDN Biodiversity and Development Award Winners

We are proud to announce the winners of the AFD-GDN Biodiversity and Development Awards — five individual winning entries from Ethiopia, Fiji, Ghana, Madagascar and Vietnam, and two sets of joint, multidisciplinary category winners from Fiji and Ghana, and from Madagascar and Vietnam respectively. Also see announcement on the AFD website. English French.

Beyond funding, GDN will support the projects with tailored opportunities for mentoring, peer-review and networking, including through interactions with a Scientific Committee that will oversee the program and support quality control. The unique feature of these awards has been its two-stage award process: in the first place, the program recognizes and encourages quality individual (or small-team) scientific endeavors within given disciplines, with competitive research grants accompanied by mentoring and tailored support; in addition, it promotes and incentivizes multidisciplinary collaborations among awardees working in different fields. Applicants were asked to explore options for mutual collaboration from the earliest stages of the selection process, and an additional grant was awarded to pairs of researchers who identified multidisciplinary activities, including but not limited to evidence synthesis, that cut across their individual research projects. GDN also organized a Research Lab as part of the selection process. Twenty-two shortlisted research teams took part in a five-day online event focused on helping shape compelling social science research questions on biodiversity mainstreaming and explored collaborations. An interactive online platform actively promoted conversations between shortlisted researchers to foster multidisciplinary engagements.

Individual Winners


Multi-disciplinary Winners



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