Education for Development: Quality & Inclusion for Changing Human Capital Needs

A New Call for Expressions of Interest

GDN-KOICA Collaboration

GDN's Annual Global Development Conference will take place in Lima, Peru, on 17-18 March 2016. A New Call for Expressions of Interest Read GDN Working Papers on the theme of Relevance of the Korean Development Experience in Developing Countries
GDN Impact at a Glance
GDN has supported nearly 4000 developing country researchers since its inception in 1999. It continues to achieve results.
Social Enterprises: Attracting More Entries by Building More Exits
The Social Enterprise Exit (SEE FUND) could be  a gamechanger for new financing.
GDN President at the TTI Exchange
'Development is a process that is localised in a given country...' Pierre Jacquet  in conversation with Research to Action
‘What Goes Up, Must Come Down’
The blog presents one of the winning ideas of the Next Horizon Essay Contest 2014.
Reconsidering Productivity for Inclusive Development
An article by GDN Senior Program Associate, Pierre Bertrand published in CFO Connect's September 2015 edition.