Generating Policy Relevant Research

Call for Proposal: Mobilizing Local Knowledge to Improve Competitiveness Strategies

Research Monitor: GDN's 16th Annual Global Development Conference

The Institute for Gross National Happiness Studies (Royal University of Bhutan) and GDN's workshop took place at Samtse in September 2015 GDN is launching a new Call for Proposals on Industrial Policy. Deadline: 18 November, 2015. Research Monitor, Issue No. 13, September 2015
GDN Impact at a Glance
GDN has supported nearly 4000 developing country researchers since its inception in 1999. It continues to achieve results.
Researcher in Focus: Kaouthar Gazdar
"GDN has provided us a highly conducive working environment...." ~ Kaouthar Gazdar, GRC 2012 Winner.
GDN President at the TTI Exchange
'Development is a process that is localised in a given country...' Pierre Jacquet  in conversation with Research to Action
‘What Goes Up, Must Come Down’
The blog presents one of the winning ideas of the Next Horizon Essay Contest 2014.
To Govern and to Serve – Putting our Money to Good Use
An article by GDN Director of Programs, Ramona Angelescu Naqvi published in CFO Connect's June, 2015 edition.