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15th Annual Global Development Conference

Image: GDN


GDN's 15th Annual Global Development Conference focused on 'Structural Transformation in Africa and Beyond'. It aimed to foster an improved understanding of the nature and prospects of structural transformation in Africa, and drew on insights from other transformation experiences around the world. It gathered researchers and practitioners whose work focuses on Africa. Alan Winter, Chair of the GDN Board opened the conference, watch a short interview with him.


Growth in Africa has been buoyant, and despite the financial crisis in 2007-2008, sub-Saharan Africa has been able to sustain a growth rate of 5% since 1995. Transformation is at play, with a host of structural, political, social and human challenges. Organized around a competitive call for sessions and papers, the conference looked at how transformation has been taking place in other parts of the world, in Latin America, Asia and Central and Eastern Europe. Watch a short clip of Stephen O''Connell from USAID - an expert on macroeconomic policy in sub-Saharan Africa - at the conference,   


The conference took place in Accra, Ghana. GDN chooses strategic locations around the world to discuss some of the most pressing development challenges of our times. Previous conferences have discussed knowledge and policy in Bonn, security for development in Brisbane, or the rise of Asia in Beijing.


The conference was organized in partnership with the African Capacity Building Foundation, the African Economic Research Consortium, University of Ghana and United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.


The three day conference took place from 18-20 June, 2014.


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