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Doing Research is a unique GDN program that contributes to a better objective assessment of social science research systems in developing countries, to identify gaps that can be addressed through research policy.

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The Program

GDN is now aiming to scale up the Doing Research program to 40 countries. During this scale up, it is implementing the Doing Research Assessment in 3-5 countries as proof of concept. See details of the kick-off.  

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Doing Research Assessment

Doing Research Assessment is the method used to assess the performance of a social science research system. The methodology is further detailed in the GDN working document on Doing Research Assessments.

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Research teams from the Doing Research Pilot program.

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See upcoming and past events from the program.

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See research studies from the program.

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See resources from the program, including blogs, interviews with researchers, webinars and infographics.

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Expected Results

See expected results and outcome from the program.

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