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Final Progress Review Workshop with the Institute of Gross National Happiness Studies, Bhutan

7-8 November 2016 | GDN held a Final Progress Review Workshop with the Institute of Gross National Happiness Studies, (iGNHaS) Bhutan, a grantee of the GDN “Building Research Capacities in Least - Developed Countries” pilot program.

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African Voices on Research, Policy & International Development

6 October 2016 | With the financial support of USAID, GDN partnered with the African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) and the African Growth Initiative (AGI) at the Brookings Institution, to host a series of three high-level panels on the link between local research, domestic policy processes and international aid in sub-Saharan Africa in Washington DC.

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Blended Finance for Local Development and Global Goals: How Will it Work?

16 September 2016 | In partnership with the OECD DAC, GDN organized a two-hour session at the OECD Conference Centre, Paris to explore the challenges of pursuing 'blended finance' as an engine of development.

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Doing Research Webinar: "Funding for Social Science Research: Curse or Blessing?"

13 July 2016 | GDN organized the second webinar in its two-part series on its Doing Research program, titled “Funding for Social Science Research: Curse or Blessing?”

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What Should Tomorrow's Aid Agencies Look Like?

28 June 2016 | GDN and the Centre for Global Development (CGD) organized a public panel discussion on the future of aid agencies at CGD in Washington DC, gathering key stakeholders in development and winners of GDN's Next Horizons Essay Contest to discuss new -- and ageing -- ideas on the sustainability of development assistance.

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Doing Research Webinar: Why Study the Research Environment?

18 May 2016 | GDN organized a webinar, hosted by Research to Action, outlining ‘"Why the Research Environment Matters." It was the first in a two-webinar series drawing on findings from GDN's Doing Research program.

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The Future of Data for Development

14 April 2016 | GDN co-organized a panel on "The Future of Data for Development" at the Civil Society Policy Forum on the sidelines of the Spring 2016 World Bank-IMF meetings. Winner of GDN's Next Horizon Essay Contest on the Future of Development Aid, Susannah Robinson presented key points from her essay on the role of of open data in improving aid accountability.

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The Global Development Awards Competition

18 March 2016 | The Japanese Awards for Outstanding Research in Development (ORD) and Most Innovative Development Project (MIDP) were presented at the Closing Ceremony of GDN's Annual Global Development Conference in Peru.

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Policy Lab: The Quality of Education in Latin America and the Caribbean

15-16 March 2016 | The Group for the Analysis of Development (GRADE) hosted GDN's Policy Lab on "Public Policies on Quality of Education in LAC: From Evidence to Policy Effectiveness" on the sidelines on GDN's Annual Global Development Conference in Lima, Peru.

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Past GDN Events

Take a look at past GDN events from 2010-2015.

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