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El Salvador | Researchers, use your talents

Five questions with Helga Cuéllar-Marchelli, Director of the Department of Social Studies of the Salvadoran Foundation for Economic and Social Development (FUSADES). 

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Mapping the development impacts of migration

This paper presents a comprehensive framework for mapping the economic and social impacts of migration, focusing particularly on developing countries that send migrants to other countries, as a way to understand and frame the relationship between migration and development, and to help policymakers devise plans to optimize the overall development impacts of migration.​

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Retrospective Analysis of School-Based Malaria Treatment Programme and Impact on Health and Education Outcomes in Mangochi District, Malawi

This paper sought to evaluate the impact of the malaria treatment program in the Mangochi district, on both school and health outcomes.

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Fundacion Paraguaya | 2012-2014

GDN supported the Fundacion Paraguay through the JSDF award to scale up its Self-Sufficient School Model by providing training and technical support to five schools to establish financially self-sufficient schools in four countries, Nicaragua, Honduras, Bolivia and Paraguay.

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Science of Life Studies (SOLS), Cambodia | 2016-2017

SOLS Cambodia aims to set up 18 subsidized province centers in Cambodia to provide an alternative system of quality, holistic education under its project, Equal Opportunities for Education.

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Varieties of Governance, Varying Outcomes

In economies such as India, a significant concern is the inability of large sections of the population to access essential services such as water and education

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Japan Social Development Fund Award

The Japan Social Development Fund Award (JSDF) is a category of GDN's Global Development Awards Competition, which seeks to recognize innovative ideas in the implementation of development projects for vulnerable and disadvantaged communities in developing countries.

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About the program

Doing Research is a unique GDN program that contributes to a better objective assessment of social science research systems in developing countries, to identify gaps that can be addressed through research policy.

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Making a difference in Education

A film about GDN's Annual Global Development Conference 2016

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Evidence & Resources

See resources from the program, including blogs, interviews with researchers, webinars and infographics.

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