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Papers and Presentations

Plenary 1: 'Green Revolution' (GR 2.0): What New Prospects for Agricultural Development?

George Michael Hage (FAO), Meeting the 2015 International Hunger Targets: Taking Stock of Uneven Progress

Shanta Devarajan (World Bank), Towards a New Social Contract in the MENA Region

Prabhu Pingali (Cornell University), Addressing the Persistent Challenges of Food and Nutrition Security

Abdessalam Ould Ahmed (FAO), The State of Food Insecurity in the World

Plenary 2: Role and Challenges for Women in Agricultural Development

Andy Mckay (University of Sussex), Some Issues About Women's Land Rights in Agriculture

Shenggen Fan (IFPRI), Role of Women in Food Security and Nutrition

Micheal O'Sullivan (World Bank), Leveling the Field, Closing the Gender Gap in African Agriculture

Plenary 3: Innovation and Research for Better Agricultural Development

Linda Kwamboka (M-Farm), Access to Market for Small Holder Farmers

Marion Guillou (IAVFF), Research and Innovation for Agriculture G.R 2:0

Aboubacar Sidy Sonko (M-Louma Senegal), Innovation and Research for Better Agricultural Development

Joachim von Braun (ZEF), Towards Bioeconomy: Agriculture Gets Re-defined by Innovations

Plenary 4: Policymakers’ Panel: What Role for Agricultural Policies for Sustainable Development?

Marcelo Regunaga (Former Secretary of Agriculture of Argentina), What Role for Agricultural Policies for Sustainable Development?

Parallel Session 1: How to Increase Agricultural Productivity - The Experience of Eastern Europe (CERGE-EI/EERC)

Denys Nizalov (University of Kent), Determinants of Productivity and Structural Change in a Large Commercial Farm Environment: Evidence from Ukraine

Vojtĕch Bartoš (CERGE-EI), Seasonal Scarcity and Sharing Norms

Jean-Jacques Hervé (PJSC Credit Agricole Bank), Investing in Brain for Sustainable & Efficient Agriculture

Parallel Session 2: The Possibility of Inclusive Business in Agriculture and Nutrition: Introducing Good Practices of BOP Business (JICA - RI)

Akio Hosono (JICA Research Institute), Policy Options for Inclusive Business: Realizing Industrial Transformation and Inclusive Growth

Parallel Session 3: Identifying the Major Constraints to Structural Transformation in African Agriculture? Focusing on Input and Output Markets (ACET)

Francis Mulangu (ACET), Heterogeneous Impacts of Maize Price Shock on Poverty in Northern Ghana  

Parallel Session 4: Urbanization, Consumption and Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa (AFD-CIRAD-AFRISTAT)

Nicolas Bricas (Cirad, UMR Moisa, Montpellier) and Claude Tchamda (Afristat, Bamako), Consommations et marchés alimentaires en Afrique de l’Ouest et Centrale : vers plus de dépendance ? Read paper here

Idrissa Wade (IPAR) and Frédéric Lançon (UMR Artdev ,CIRAD), Urbanisation, changements des habitudes alimentaires et transformations rurales en Afrique de l'Ouest  Read paper here

Cecilia Tacoli (IIED), Urbanisation, Consumption and Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa  Read paper here

Parallel Session 5: Environmental Challenges and Natural Resource Management

Oliver K. Kirui (Center for Development Research), Economics of Land Degradation and Improvement in Eastern Africa: The Case of Tanzania and Malawi

Beaudelaire Wadjamsse Djezou (University of Alassane Ouattara), Land Tenure Security and Deforestation: The Case Study of Forest Land Conversion to Perennial Crops in Côte d’Ivoire

Owodon Afo-Loko (WASCAL), Adoption of Conservation Tillage as Climate Change Mitigation Option in Tandjoare: A Contingent Valuation Analysis

Boris Odilon Kounagbè Lokonon (WASCAL), Land Tenure and Communities’ Resilience to Climate Shocks in the Niger Basin of Benin

Parallel Session 6: Rural Development in the Middle East and North Africa (ERF)

Dorte Verner (World Bank), Agriculture and Rural Development for Poverty Reduction, Growth & Food Security in the Middle-East and North Africa

Wided Mattoussi (University of Jendouba and ERF), Irrigation Water Use Efficiency

Parallel Session 7: Interactions between Social Protection Programs and Rural Development Projects: How Can We All Help? (LACEA)

Arjan de Haan (IDRC), Social Protection: Safety Net or Potential Economic Growth?

Benjamin Davis (FAO), From Protection to Production: Strengthening Coherence between Agriculture and Social protection in Sub Saharan Africa

Tomas Ricardo Rosada (IFAD), Interactions between Social Protection and Rural Development Programs: How Can We All Help?

Parallel Session 8: Japanese Award for the Most Innovative Development Project

Narender Paul (CORD, India), Visible Empowerment of Poorest of the Poor, Marginal, and Small Women Farmers in Rural India

Ravi Corea (Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society), Project Orange Elephant, Saving Elephants by Helping People

Parallel Session 9: Challenges and Prospects for Global Food Security (EUDN)

Alexandros Sarris (University of Athens), Food Commodity Market Instability and Food Security in Developing Countries

Daniel Bradley (DFID), New Partnerships With Emerging Economies for Global Impact on Agriculture and Food Security: Lessons from  India

Parallel Session 10: Financial Access and Agricultural Development in Africa (AERC)

Andreas Freytag and Susanne Fricke (Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena), Sectoral Linkages of Financial Services as Channels of Economic Development – an Input-Output Analysis of the Nigerian and Kenyan Economies  Read paper here

Parallel Session 11: Structural Transformation, Productivity, Firm's Performance: Highlights on Moroccan Economy

Sana Bensalk and Mustapha Ziky (INREED, Université Cadi Ayyad), Impacts Des Firmes Etrangères Sur La Croissance de la Force Du Travail Des Entreprises Domestiques: le Cas Du Secteur Maraîcher Au Maroc

Elhadj Ezzahid and Abdellatif Chatri (Université Med V Agdal-Rabat), Productivité agricole, intégration et transformation structurelle de l’économie marocaine

Melise Jaud (The World Bank), Standards Harmonization as Export Promotion

Parallel Session 12: Japanese Award for Outstanding Research on Development

Subir Sen (IIT Roorkee), Understanding Farmers Risk Perceptions and Farm-Level Risk Management Policies in India: Do Policies Serve Their Requirement

María José Castillo and Juan Manuel Domínguez (Ecuador), Beef Demand in Ecuador: Quality Perceptions and the Efficiency of the Beef Supply Chain

Flora Chadare (Benin), Using Novel Techniques to Map Biodiversity and Identify Priority Wild Edible Plants for Food and Nutrition Security in Benin (West Africa)

Parallel Session 13: Macroeconomic Perspectives: Impact on Agriculture Policies and Food Security

Guillaume K. Adingra and Antoine F. Dedewanou (ENSEA-Abidjan), Risque d’insécurité alimentaire sur les marchés du mil au Niger   Read paper here

Giscard Assoumou Ella (Université Omar Bongo) and Ismaelline Eba Nguema (University Mohammed V), Trade Openness and Food Security: a Comparative Study of CEMAC and UEMOA Countries. Read paper here

Gunda Zuellich, Kaveh Dianati, Steve Arquitt, Matteo Pedercini (Millennium Institute), Integrated Simulation Models for Sustainable Agriculture Policy Design  Read paper here

Ligane Massamba Sène (IFPRI and CAU), Out-of-Pocket Health Payments: A catalyst for Agricultural Productivity Growth, But With Potentially Impoverishing Effects  Read paper here

Parallel Session 14: Economic Report on Africa 2015: Industrialization through Trade (UNECA)

Adam Elhiraika (UNECA), Industrializing Through Trade

Manisha Dookhony (Ministry of Trade and Investment, Rwanda), Trade & Industrial Policy, Country Level Decisions

Parallel Session 15: Towards Rice Green Revolution in Sub-Saharan Africa (JICA-RI)

Ichiro Tambo (JICA-RI), Overview, Progress and Challenges of CARD Initiative for a Rice Green Revolution

Yaw Ansu (ACET), CARD in the Context of “Transforming Africa’s Agriculture”

Ngongi Namanga (Africa Rice-AGRA), Towards Rice Green Revolution

Keijiro Otsuka (IPS), In Pursuit of an African Green Revolution

Parallel Session 16: Stimulating Smallholder Technology Adoption: Lessons from Randomized Trials in Credit and Insurance (AITA)

Ben Jaques-Leslie (Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab), Stimulating Smallholder Technology Adoption

Eric Njue, Lilian Kirmi and Mary Mathenge (Tegemeo Institute of Research and Policy Development), Uptake of Crop Insurance in the Face of Climate Change: Evidence from Smallholders in Kenya  

William Parienté (UCL), Urbanisation, changements des habitudes alimentaires et transformations rurales en Afrique de l'Ouest

Parallel Session 17: Interactions Between Social Protection Programs and Rural Development Projects: Notes from the Field (LACEA)

Ghada Elabed (Mathematica Policy Research), Ex-ante Impacts of Agricultural Insurance: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Mali

Karen Macours (Paris School of Economics), Transfers, Diversification and Household Risk Strategies: Can Productive Safety Nets Help Households Manage Climatic Variability?

Parallel Session 18: Climate Change, Resilience and Food Security

Aboubakr Gambo Boukary (Cheikh Anta Diop University), Rural Households’ Resilience to Food Insecurity in Niger  Read paper here

Cocou J. Amegnaglo and Akwasi Mensah-Bonsu (University of Ghana), Are Agrometeorological Forecasts Useful or Harmful for Smallholders in Africa: What Does the Literature Say?  Read paper here

Saibal Kar (Centre for Studies in Social Sciences and IZA), MFN Tariff Rates and Carbon Emission in Lower-Middle Income Countries: The Agriculture-Industry Interactions  Read paper here

Manjula Madhavan and Raj Rengalakshmi (M. S. Swaminathan Research Foundation), Seasonal Climate Information for Ensuring Agricultural Sustainability and Food Security of Small Holder Rainfed Farmers: Experience from India

Mikemina Pilo (University Cheick Anta Diop), Impact of Adaptation Strategies on Farm Households'Farm Income: A Bio-Economy Analysis

Parallel Session 19: The Multi-Dimensional Aspect of Food Security: Lessons from Africa and Morocco (OCP Policy Center)

Caroline Lejars(CIRAD UMR GEAU - IAV Hassan II), Fatima-Ezzahra Mengoub and Mohammed Rachid Doukkali (IAV Hassan II), Direct and Indirect Effects of Irrigation Policy in Morocco

Abdelkabir Kamili (Institut National de la Recherche Halieutique), Food Security and Dependency of the Fishing Sector on Energy

Rachid Doukkali (OCP Non-resident Senior Fellow & IAV Hassan II) and Onasis Tharcisse A. Guèdègbé (IAV Hassan II), Multiple Trends in Agricultural Productivity in Africa

Parallel Session 20: Assistance to Agricultural Development in Africa: Decline and Reversal (FERDI)

Patrick Guillaumont (FERDI), Assistance to Agricultural Development in Africa: Decline and Reversal


Alexandros Sarris (University of Athens), Assistance to Agricultural Development in Africa: Decline and Reversal

Parallel Session 21: Food Security and Nutrition

Jean Baptiste Habyarimana (Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources of Rwanda), The Network Flow of Food Security Information: A Theoretical Analysis  Read paper here

Belmondo Tanankem Voufo (Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development of Cameroon), Food Insecurity in Rural Households of Cameroon: Factors Associated and Implications for National Policies Read paper here

Georges Djohy (Georg-August Universität Göttingen and University of Parakou), Socio‐Technological Factors Determining the Failure of Cooperative Mini‐Dairies Within Sub‐Sharan African Pastoral Socities: Case Study from Benin

Parallel Session 22: Does the Current Agricultural Research Agenda Meet the Food Security Needs of the MENA Region? Incorporating Markets and the Private Sector in Research for Development (IDRC Egypt)

Dorra Fianni (Knowledge Economic Foundation), Knowledge Economy Foundation: Egyptian NGO Registered at the Ministry of Social Solidarity

Mohamed Ouhssain (Ministry of Agriculture and Maritime Fisheries of Morocco), Partenariat Public-Privé en Irrigation Au Maroc: Approche stratégique et Programme

Parallel Session 23: Agriculture, Food Security and Structual Transformation in Asia: Challenges and Opportunities (SANEI, EADN)

Marites M. Tiongco (School of Economics De La Salle University), Ma. Victoria O. Espaldon, Lucille Elna de P. Guzman, Rico C. Ancog, Andre E. Quiray, Steven Jaffee, and Jaime Frias, Green Agriculture in the Philippines: An Old Wine in a New Bottle?  Read paper here

Munir Ahmad (PIDE),M. Iqbal and Umar Farooq, Status of Food Security and Its Constraining Factors in South Asia: Challenges and Opportunities  Read paper here

Tin Htoo Naing (EADN), Determinants of Agricultural Productivity and Profitability in Myanmar Read paper here

Guanghua Wan (ADBI) and Xun Zhang (Peking University), Who Gain More from Which Infrastructure in Rural China? Read paper here

Controversy 1 – Food vs. Biofuels?

Giorgia Giovannetti (University of Florence and European University Institute), Every Land Use Decisions is a Water Use Decisions

Joël Ruet (CNRS-CEPN and The Bridge Tank), Agriculture & Bio-Energies

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