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EIB-GDN Impact Finance Workshop Cycle 2

Photo by Neil Palmer (CIAT)/Flickr

EIB-GDN Training Workshop | Luxembourg | 22-29 October 2018

European Investment Bank and Global Development Network held an eight days Impact Finance Workshop at EIB headquarters in Luxembourg from 22 to 29 October 2018. The ten fellows – from Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, and The Gambia –  were inducted into the program and received training about the impact evaluation and practical aspects of studying/generating insights for a typical Applied Development Finance project, for its second cycle. Learn more about the program.

Various EIB and GDN departments - from economics, operations, projects and evaluation to communications - participated in the workshop, leading presentations, discussions and training the fellows. Five expert advisors, who are internationally renowned experts in the field of impact evaluation, engaged closely with the fellows, providing guidance and technical training. The fellows will work for one year under the guidance of top international experts to evaluate projects financed under the Bank’s Impact Financing Envelope. This will build skills and capacity in impact assessment in the regions and refine the understanding of EIB’s impact.



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