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Are you submitting a report or paper to GDN?

Photo by ugurlu/Pexels


If you are tasked with writing a report or paper for GDN, either as a staff member or a researcher, then you are probably wondering where to start!

Writing a paper for GDN does not require you to produce a GDN branded product. (If GDN chooses to publish your paper, this will be done by our communications team). However, all papers submitted to GDN, including GDN's own documents, should follow these style guidelines:' GDN's Paper and Report Submission styleguide' which outlines the do's and don'ts of writing a GDN report or paper, helping users to follow a style that is consistent, and in line with international academic standards. It also includes a standard description of GDN to use. Download the guidance here

Please note that GDN’s Brand Guidelines have been revised effective June 2021, and this may mean that we will ask you for additional input, if you are working with us to prepare GDN branded papers or products.

The use of the GDN logo on any paper or product -- including jointly published or produced ones -- must be cleared by our communications team for use. Please check your contract for terms, else ask your program manager to guide you. Else, please write to for more information, stating clearly the program and location for which the request is being made.