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Doing Research in Myanmar

Boosting investment in knowledge production and the use of locally-grounded social science research in Myanmar remains a critical element for a sustainable democratic transition.

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Doing Research in Indonesia

Recent research on the organization of research production in Asia shows the effect of marketization on the quality of academic work. 

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8 Sept | Webinar | Doing Research in Nigeria: bridging the research gap and improving development policies

The purpose of the webinar was to disseminate the findings of the Doing Resarch Assessment in Nigeria.   

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Dissemination of Findings from Doing Research in Indonesia

A webinar based on the results of the Doing Research Assessment in Indonesia.

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Advocating for Scientific Temper

Five questions with Inaya Rakhmani, Associate Professor, Centre for Innovation Policy and Governance (CIPG), Indonesia, who has been involved with the Global Development Network’s Doing Research program, that seeks to make objective assessments of social science research systems in developing countries, in order to identify gaps that can be addressed through research policy.

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GDNews January 2020

News and information from GDN and its programs in January 2020, including from the Doing Research and EIB-GDN programs, opportunities with GDN, impact interviews, publications and more.

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Building Performing Social Science Research Systems in Developing Countries

The importance of social sciences for sustainable development cannot be understated: in its applied version, social science research offers solutions and recommendations to inform concrete action 

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Promoting Research in Social Sciences in Peru

11-12 June, Peru. GDN presented the implications of the Doing Research program in Peru for Grupo de Análisis para el Desarrollo's (GRADE) international conference 'How to promote research in the social sciences in Peru?'.

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More Robust Research Systems

Only 2.3% of all reearch articles globally had one African researcher or less. Are least developed countries really participating in their own development?

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