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Advocating for Scientific Temper

Five questions with Inaya Rakhmani, Associate Professor, Centre for Innovation Policy and Governance (CIPG), Indonesia, who has been involved with the Global Development Network’s Doing Research program, that seeks to make objective assessments of social science research systems in developing countries, in order to identify gaps that can be addressed through research policy.

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El Salvador | Researchers, use your talents

Five questions with Helga Cuéllar-Marchelli, Director of the Department of Social Studies of the Salvadoran Foundation for Economic and Social Development (FUSADES). 

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ACP Countries | The Next Generation of Researchers

Q&A with Emmanuel Jimenez, Executive Director of the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie), and advisor to the European Investment Bank-Global Development Network Program in Applied Development Finance.

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Paraguay | Building 100% employability in Latin America

In 2012-2014, the Global Development Network supported Martin Burt and the Fundacion Paraguay through the Japan Social Development Fund award.

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Romania | Use Data, Base your Conclusions on Facts

Five Questions with Corina Murafa, Managing Director of Ashoka in Romania, and former GDN grantee, who has always focused, in her various professional engagements, on producing long-lasting positive change in Romania. ​

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Ethiopia | The planet is full of interactions that ultimately impact society

Five Questions with Mengistu Ketema, Associate Professor, School of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Management and Director, Research Extension and Publication Office at Haramaya University in Ethiopia.   

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Africa | Of Digitalization and Development : What does the future hold for African manufacturing?

Five Questions with Karishma Banga, Senior Research Officer, Overseas Development Institute. Karishma talks about how Africans are affected by digitalization.

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Myanmar | Data Sharing to Stop Human Trafficking

Five Questions with Hasina Kharbhih, Founder, Impulse NGO Network who has wored on stopping human trafficking since she was a teenager. She is a GDN grantee having won an award for the Most Innovative Development Project (MIDP). 

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Colombia | Human Displacement – Lessons from Colombia

Five Questions with Ana Maria Ibañez, Professor Universidad de los Andes, Rice Visiting Professor, MacMillan Center, Yale University.

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Madagascar | Counting the Wealth of Nature

Five Questions with Professor Solofo Rakotondraompiana, Remote Sensing and Environmental Geophysics Laboratory, Institute & Observatory of Geophysics, University of Antananarivo. 

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