The Global Development Network Working Paper Series disseminates GDN-funded research by combining the best research produced by GDN researchers and contributions from leading scholars.

Determinants of Female Labour Force Participation in Ghana
Author : Charles Ackah, Clement Ahiadeke and Ama Pokuaa Fenny
Date : September 2009
Description : This paper investigates the determinants of female labour force participation in Ghana at two points in time, 1991 and 2006.
Markets and Hierarchies in Social Services in Latin America: Incentives, Institutions, and Politics
Author : Armando Castelar Pinheiro and Ben Ross Schneider
Date : September 2009
Description : The central focus in this paper is on introducing market pressures into the provision of social services in Latin America.
On the Efficient Provision of Roads
Author : Eduardo Engel, Ronald Fischer and Alexander Galetovic
Date : September 2009
Description : The paper explores alternatives to improve road provision policies both under the traditional model and when using public-private partnerships in developing countries.
Governance in Water Supply
Author : Stéphane Straub
Date : September 2009
Description : This paper reviews the institutional framework that governs the supply of water services, with a specific focus on developing countries.
GDN Education Issues Paper
Author : Rekha Balu, Harry Patrinos and Emiliana Vegas
Date : September 2009
Description : This paper reviews governance and institutional challenges facing educational systems in developing countries.
Do HIV-AIDS Teacher Training Programs Work in Africa? Evidence from the Cameroon
Author : Jean-Louis Arcand and Eric Djimeu Wouabe
Date : September 2009
Description : The paper assesses the impact on student knowledge, attitudes and behavior of a typical HIV-AIDS teacher training program in Cameroon.
Social Security Health Insurance for the Informal Sector in Nicaragua: A Randomized Evaluation
Author : Rebecca Thornton, Laurel Hatt, Mursaleena Islam, Erica Field, Freddy Solís and Martha Azuzena González Moncada
Date : September 2009
Description : This paper evaluates a program that randomized incentives to obtain health insurance among informal sector workers in Managua, Nicaragua.
An Impact Evaluation of the Safe Motherhood Program in China
Author : Yan Guo, Xinglin Feng, Guang Shi, Yan Wang, Ling Xu, Hao Luo, Juan Shen and Hui Yin
Date : September 2009
Description : Using 11 years of county level panel data, fixed effect models are estimated to evaluate the impact of the Safe Motherhood Program in China.
Evaluation of the Impact of the Mother and Infant Health Project in Ukraine
Author : Olena Y. Nizalova and Maria Vyshnya
Date : September 2009
Description : This paper evaluates the impact of improvement in the quality of prenatal care and labor and delivery services on maternal and infant mortality and morbidity in Ukraine.
Family Planning and Rural Fertility Decline in Iran: A Study in Program Evaluation
Author : Djavad Salehi-Isfahani, M. Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi and Meimanat Hosseini-Chavoshi
Date : September 2009
Description : The paper discusses to what extent the decline in family planning and rural fertility in Iran has been the result of a particular design feature of the family planning program, namely rural health houses.
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