GDN's 17th Annual Global Development Conference concluded successfully in Lima, Peru. Nearly 400 participants attended the event, over two days, on the 17th and 18th of March, 2016. Fifty four countries were represented, and 56% were female participants. The conference received much tribute from both participants and stakeholders, as well as significant media coverage. Here are some key bits of reportage.


GDN published daily newsletters from the Conference. These can be viewed here: Are you ready for Lima? and Hello Lima! and Growing Interest.


Key stories about education for development emerged from the conference. Pasi Sahlberg was interviewed live from the conference media room on national Peruvian TV, and Emiliana Vegas, Halsey Rogers and Paul Glewwe were among the international experts interviewed by local Peruvian media. Naturally, we received plenty of coverage for Minister Saavedra in the local news. Click here for the full list of spanish media coverage with weblinks (28 hits). In addition, Bongani Fuzile wrote about us in the Daily Dispatch in South Africa. See here and hereKumkum Dasgupta wrote about us in the Hindustan Times, India. See here.


Spot yourself or a key speaker in our photos taken during the event. Visit our Flickr photostream  and you can choose to view the whole stream or browse through our albums.


If you dropped by our film centre and want to find all the films we made, please do check back soon. We are editing them now. They will be hosted on our GDN Channel here. The films are a must watch for students, professionals and policy makers interested in the field of education for development.


The Japanese Awards for Outstanding Research in Development (ORD) and Most Innovative Development Project (MIDP) were presented at the Closing Ceremony of the Conference. See who won here and also take a look photos from their training session which prepared them to present at the conference.


Five young researchers were selected to present their work at the conference, as part of a Poster Competition. Congratulations to each of them for making the selection. Each finalist was presented with a certificate.

  • Ann Jillian V. Adona. Download here 
  • Mildred Barungi. Download here.
  • Henri Bello Fika. Download here
  • Andrea Anahí Junyent Moreno and María Fernández Flecha. Download here
  • Juan José Estrada Sosa and Mónica Ospina LondoñoDownload here