Research teams

For this program, three teams have been selected through an open call for proposal.

Madagascar: Propositions de méthodologies pour la réalisation d’un inventaire national des richesses naturelles.

Principal Investigator: Solofo Andriamanantsoa Rakotondraompiana, University of Antananarivo.

This research project aims to use methods based on spatial data in order to map land use as well as river and lake water level in Madagascar, in order to build inventories.

Mauritius: Governance and economic accounting issues in the Mauritian water sector: towards sustainable management of a natural resource.

Principal Investigators: Aleksandra Peeroo and Riad Sultan, University of Mauritius.

The research will make an assessment of water situation and critically analyze the governance structure in the Mauritian water sector, in order to conduct scenario-based analyses on the impact of changing trends of water use and to eventually design policy recommendations for sustainable use and efficient water management.

Morocco: Supporting the sustainable management of coastal tourism in Morocco by quantifying the economic value of beach ecosystems.

Principal Investigator: Maria Snoussi, Mohammed V-Agdal University.

The study will combine physical oceanography and coastal modeling with natural resource economics and will present a scenario of the potential loss of ecosystem services --especially coastal protection -- and the corresponding loss in economic benefits to select tourist beaches in Morocco if current practices are continued. It will also indicate what changes in practices are appropriate to prevent the losses observed.

Program management

Team’s scientific advisors:

Madagascar: Didier Babin (CIRAD)

Mauritius: Bernard Barraqué (AgroParisTech)

Morocco: Harold Levrel (CIRED)

Scientific Committee:

Ricardo Martinez-Lagunes (IDB/World Bank)

Claire Plateau (INSEE)

Jean-Louis Weber (EEA)

GDN Program Management Team:

Pierre Bertrand (Senior Program Associate)

Supported By:
  • French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development
  • French Agency for Development (AFD)



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