April 2016: Indonesia Disseminates Results

Together with the Knowledge Sector Initiative (KSI) and in cooperation with Center of Communication Research University of Indonesia (PUSKAKOM UI) and Center for Innovation Policy and Governance (CIPG), GDN organized a joint research dissemination, entitled “Rethinking Research, Policies and Practices” on April 6, 2016, in Jakarta, Indonesia. This event was held as part of the GDN-led program on Doing Research – Assessing the Environment for Social Science Research in Developing Countries; with a specific focus on barriers to effective social research in Indonesia.

The research study supported by GDN's Doing Research program was titled, “Reforming Research in Indonesia: Policies and Practices, Diagnostic Study on Barriers to University Research.” It examines the policies and institutional practices that currently impinge on the quality and research productivity of Indonesian state universities. A working paper based on the study can be downloaded hereThe study’s findings will feed into a larger pool, from which GDN will develop global standards for a ‘Doing Research Index.’ 

The half-day seminar was organized in a larger working group discussion in which stakeholders were invited to contribute in providing input and feedback to the research findings. Overall, 185 participants attended the event, consisting of multi-stakeholders across a breadth of disciplines and backgrounds – namely, academics, policy makers, practitioners and university students. The research team gained the opportunity to receive feedback from the participants about the data, which will become an invaluable resource in developing future research capacity and strengthening current research projects within the program. 

April 2016: Cambodia Launches Final Report

The Doing Research Team launched their final report, "Doing Research In Cambodia: Making Models that Build Capacity."

The event in Phnom Penh marked the completion of a highly comprehensive and informative (2015) study about Cambodia’s transitioning research environment. With the support of GDN, Principal Investigator, Pou Sovachana and his team of researchers participated in a multi-country pilot that studies the environment for policy relevant social science research in eleven countries. Sovachana studied his own country, Cambodia, where post-conflict characteristics pose significant challenges, resulting in the majority of social science research being conducted by a small number of organisations.

The study, available in the form of a book, highlights a number of challenges and opportunities that Cambodia is facing in order to strengthen the organization of its social science system. The study’s findings will also feed into a larger pool, from which GDN will develop global standards for a ‘Doing Research Index.’ Visit the webpage of the Cambodian team here.

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