The pilot phase of the Doing Research program has resulted in several outputs, including working papers, project reports and a book documenting the characteristics of research environments in eleven countries. The first of these are available for download below, and the list will be updated as the pilot phase reaches its conclusion. 

I. Reforming Research in Indonesia: Policies and Practices
Principal Investigator - Inaya Rakhmani, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Indonesia
External Advisor - V. Lynn Meek, LH Martin Institute, University of Melbourne, Australia
The team studied the intellectual, organizational and structural constraints confronting those conducting research in state universities in Indonesia. The study once again adopted a three-pronged approach of studying the macro-policy environment in research and higher education, institutional policies and practices at meso level and departmental or individual research related practices at the micro level. Download Working Paper.
II. Wanting Knowledge: Social Science Research and the Demand Factor in a Low-Income Country – The Case of Niger
Principal Investigator - Abdourahmane Idrissa, Think Tank EPGA, Niger
External Advisor - Benjamin Buclet, freelance researcher
The study undertook research on the historical path dependencies in the evolution and performance of social science research in Niger and addressed questions of policy reforms required to mitigate the negative effects of such historical legacies. Download Working Paper
III. The dynamics of social research production, circulation and use in Bolivia, Paraguay and Peru: a comparative study
Principal Investigator - Maria Balarin, GRADE, Peru
External Advisor - Hebe Vessuri, Center of Science Studies, Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research, Venezuela.
A comparative multi-country study of three low and middle-income South American countries, the main aim of the study is to work towards the identification of key aspects of the specific model of research production typical in each country, and also to identify common trends in the region. The study takes as its starting point the idea that social research is a socially shaped practice, where prevalent cultures, patterns of social interaction, and institutional as well as organizational dynamics have significant effect on research practices and therefore research production, circulation and use. Download Working Paper.
IV. Doing Research in Cambodia: Making Models that Build Capacity
Principal Investigator - Sovachana Pou, CICP, Cambodia
External Advisor - Tim Kelsall, ODI
The team studied the research environment in Cambodia within the context of contemporary politics, structural issues in research and channels of research to advocacy, using mentored university students to participate in data collection and diagnostics in order to develop their capacity as agents of change. Download Book.
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