Expert Consultation on Risk Management for Climate Change  
The Resilience Continuum

September 15-16, 2017 in New Delhi

The Resilience Continuum | Comprehensive Risk Management in the face of Climate Change

Systemic resilience lies at the heart of all climate change initiatives. As countries scale up their adaptation action in line with the UNFCCC process and the Paris Agreement, diverse agencies will need to use their comparative advantage to optimize the balance between climate resilience actions, based on preemptive investments, on the one hand, and on contingent measures for remaining risks, on the other. In fact, in conceptual terms, all policy and planning discussions in this space lie along an ex ante and ex post continuum: What should be done to avoid or prepare for climate Shocks? And, What should be done to mimimize or mitigate the damages?

This expert consultation will gather international organizations, NGOs, academia and governments to discuss and share experiences framed in the context of the resilience continuum. Experts will identify how they may have addressed the challenges and benefits of investing in preemptive measures, disaster preparedness and education and/or in contingent actions to deal with the aftermath of the adverse effects of climate change. Key to the discussion will be what factors they considered in balancing both aspects.This, along with real examples from the field, will feed into the development of an optimal policy mix for countries that takes into consideration a variety of factors such as the distributional effects of policy benefits or feedback loops induced by insurance premiums.  

As an outcome of this high-level consultation, we expect to gather advanced thinking for comprehensive climate change risk management, explore how key stakeholders can collaborate on climate change adaptation and draft a priority list/policy mix document that will point towards more concrete entry points for comprehensive resilience strategies. Results and conclusions from the consultation will feed into the COP 23 in November this year.

The event is held in collaboration with Action on Climate Today, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, the Stockholm Environment Institute and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). See a draft agenda here.

This is not a public event, but we invite media interest. Please contact Madhuri Dass, Head of Communications, Global Development Netowrk on

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