Launching Soon: Global Development Awards Competition  
Focus: Skills Building

In May 2017, GDN’s yearly program will open for development practitioners and researchers across the globe. The competition will welcome research proposals and ongoing, innovative project ideas to be submitted under the two categories of Japanese Awards for Outstanding Research on Development (ORD) and Most Innovative Development Project (MIDP). This year, the competition will focus on ‘skill building’ and its linkages with governments, industry, multilateral organizations, academic institutions and development partners across the world.

As is the tradition with the Awards Competition, three finalists will be selected in each category. The six finalists will undertake a communication training and present their research ideas and ongoing projects in front of a jury at an international event organized by GDN. Both categories will have first, second and third prize winners. In total, US$ 90,000 will be distributed amongst the six finalists. The competition will be open to researchers and NGOs from low and middle-income countries.

More information will be released on the launch date, including application guidelines, templates and FAQ. Be sure to keep an eye on for further announcements.

Meanwhile, watch this short film featuring last year's finalists, and find out more about the history of the competition.

Image: Last year's winners pose with Awards official and supporters in Peru. March 2016. Barriopixel/GDN.

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