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The EIB-GDN Program is designed as an innovative model of social development through social involvement. The program directly promotes development by producing knowledge for informing large private investment decision making, and encourages “deep development” by building the capacity to produce that knowledge locally, through a process of learning-by-doing. The engagement expects to create an impact in the advisory services space by offering an alternative to commercial models. The unique value proposition of this alternative model is to provide impact investment advice to clients that is customized, contextual, and methodologically cutting-edge, by embedding academic and subject matter experts within client operations.

With active involvement from a world-renowned group of advisors and the team in GDN, the first set of studies under this joint program is now ready. The studies use primary data and indepth analyses to show how the European Investment Bank's investments are impacting private sector projects in Africa. The lessons learned will help to inform the Bank's contribution to sustainable and inclusive development.

Study Titles

  • M-BIRR: Mobile banking in Ethiopia
  • poa! Internet: Community internet in low-income areas of Kenya
  • Première Agence de Microfinance: Promoting financial inclusion in Côte d’Ivoire
  • Irrigation technology adoption and microfinance in rural Benin: RENACA’s agricultural loan programme

Download all studies here | Visit the EIB's impact page 


Contact Abhay Gupta on agupta@gdn.int for further information

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