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2018 News Stories

GDN Conference Peru. Photo: BarriopixelGDN

8 October 2018. Going Local 2.0 How to Reform Development Agencies. Stanford Social Innovation Review.   

2 October 2018. Say something solid. Blog on The Research Whisperer.

25 September 2018. Research-based inputs: Key to climate adaptation in Sri Lanka. Mirror Business.

31 August 2018. How can research lead to greener outcomes? Blog on the Green Climate Fund website.

08 August 2018. Where are the women in social science research? The Hindustan Times.

27 March 2018. We need to watch who controls science and technology. The Hindustan Times.

27 March 2018. Global Development Conference puts spotlight on science, tech, and innovation. Yourstory.

26 March 2018. Green Technological Innovation is key to sustainable development. Democracy News Live.

25 March 2018. Making Science, Technology and Innovation work for Development. Modern Diplomacy.

23 March 2018.  Nnenna from the Internet discusses #STI4D. Democracy News Live, Facebook Live.